Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The last hope

I am not begging you to
Meet me regularly  
Or call me time to time...
I am not pleading you to
Chat with me
Or even e-mail me...
Although I desperately want
To hangout
With you...
All I want is just one thing
that's a photo of you
Yes, a photo of you...
I am not asking 
For your heart
Or your time...
I just need your photo
With your wide smile
And curly hair...
So I can make
A beautiful portrait 
Yes, your portrait...
Which can be with me
And eternally...
You are a precious 
Person to me
You can do it with 
One click
Within one minute...
But, when will you give it
In a month
In a year
Or never???

Jan 21, 2018