Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I and You

I know who you are
You know who I am
You pretend you didn't  see this
I pretend I didn't notice it
I tried, but failed?
You didn't, yet succeed?
You act harshly
I act softly
I think you are lonely
You think I am not?
You are all over
I am nowhere
I am already erased
You will be never erased
You are soft inside
I know it
I know you are arrogant
You know I like it
You have a wide smile
I like that as well
I am bit confused
You better noticed it
You are nowhere to be found
I am semi-insane
I always looked for you
You ever knew it?
You didn't come
I didn't see you from then
I miss you
You didn't miss me?

Nov 2017