Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I and You

I know who you are
You know who I am
You pretend you didn't  see this
I pretend I didn't notice it
I tried, but failed?
You didn't, yet succeed?
You act harshly
I act softly
I think you are lonely
You think I am not?
You are all over
I am nowhere
I am already erased
You will be never erased
You are soft inside
I know it
I know you are arrogant
You know I like it
You have a wide smile
I like that as well
I am bit confused
You better noticed it
You are nowhere to be found
I am semi-insane
I always looked for you
You ever knew it?
You didn't come
I didn't see you from then
I miss you
You didn't miss me?

Nov 2017


  1. Look forward to read sinhala version too

  2. Sorry, No sinhala version at all. This is the second time I wrote, an English free verse directly in English...

    1. Anyway, I can make a Sinhala version, if you need. But, I don't know how good it will be.

  3. I think you are lonely
    You think I am not?

    Meaningful poem

    1. It reads better without the ? mark though

    2. Thank you Ian,
      //It reads better without the ? mark though//

      I first wrote it without '?', but later I through it's better to add '?'.

  4. මා ඔබ ගැන දනිමි..
    ඔබ මා ගැන දන්නා බවද දනිමි..
    ඔබ එය නොදුටුවා සේ සිටිද්දී
    මා ඒ බව නොදැක්කා සේ සිටියෙමි..
    මා උත්සාහ කළෙමි..
    ඔබ එසේ නොකලෙහිය..
    එහෙත්.. මා පැරදුනිද?
    ඔබ දිනුවෙහිද?

    ෂඃ.. අපූරු මලක්.. සොරි කවියක්.. වෙලාව තිබ්බනම් දිගටම 'පරිවර්ථනය' කරනවා :)