Friday, January 19, 2018

One wish

All I want is just one thing 
One minute 
One click
One photo, 
One pencil
One paper
One sketch.
But, how long will it take?
One month?
One semester?
One year?
Or never?

Dec 2017


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ian. It will be great if I can get it. But, looks like it will never happen.

      One of my friend commented that the inspiration to this poem is missing. Do you also feel the same? If that's thw case I am going to write another.

    2. Hi Methma, you friend must be referring to the person/object you intend to sketch. When I read it, i took it as a intention or urge to sketch, which means sketch anything, but not having the things that are mentioned. My take is as a poem its complete.

    3. Ohh thanks Ian. Yes, that's true I want to sketch it as soon as possible. Looks like the way you read it deviate slightly from what I meant. I am happy that you feel it's a complete one.

      I agree, it's hard to say it's a poem. So, I wrote another one which sounds like a poem elaborating the whole story. I will post it soon. Tell me which one you like most.

      Actually, this is related with my first English poem posted in the last month.