Sunday, November 1, 2020

The tale of I and she (Math 'n Inglish )

I'm fond of math 
She had no bond with math
She sincerely loves English
I hardly touched English
I used to skip it 
She doesn't know it 
She really takes time learning it 
I am highly impressed with that
I barely studied English
She rarely skips studying English 
She has all sort of resources
I whereas had no such sources
I happily spent hours 'n hours on math 
She actually went away 'n away from math
She enjoys roaming around the garden
I joys even dreaming that garden 
I always ate naturally ripen garden-fresh fruits
She all days pleased to snack the same fruits
She has two sisters to hang around 
I was dreaming about a sister all year round 
I literally had just a cat for all 
She liberally plays with 'em and crawl
She got the power 
I was under the power 
I was noted as a bit lazy 
She is same-same isn't it crazy 
She has acquire a strong personality
I still have a dependent mentality
I peacefully relished the nature around
She is now delighted at the same ground 
She is my queen
I love her scene
I can only see her from far
She closely resembles me in fair
She is teen yet keen on learning
I see from screen 'n she's charming
I feed her with English sessions
She seems to enjoy my lessons
She is impressive, solves math problems 
I just explain the wrongly done problems
I let her learn math by herself
She is keen on math as well
She is charming-charming
I am sad on parting darling
I figure myself through her
She mirrors my past, no blur
She heals me 'n joy is a gain
I feel like I'm living it once again 
I use English as much as math 
She will like math as much as English? 

Oct 31, 2020

This is the final version of the poem after done a ton of editing. To see the original version please check my other blog Comely Lines. It would be grate if you can vote the version of the poem pleased you. 

I wrote a poem
She drew a picture


  1. Very nice poem and picture Methma ! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks encouraging us Anchal. You do more painting, I will write more poems

  2. I was dreaming about a sister all year round

    Really? not your entire life?

    Sorry hadnt seen this. Nice poem. Is this about your daughter?

    1. Yes Ian, we can say entire life, but all I got was two brothers.
      She is like a daughter to me, look she is my brother's first daughter.